Gone Carpet Stain Remover - Liquid

This product is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. Contains strong cleaners and degreasers to remove stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and blood. This product quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning. Leaves no residue. Contains no solvents which might soften carpet backings. This product also contains an odor modifier which destroys odors due to urine, vomit & blood through oxidation catalysis. A pleasant fragrance remains. Although this product will not harm most carpet fabrics, it is recommended that the carpet be tested for color fastness prior to using. To test for color fastness, spray small area of carpet in a hidden or out of the way spot & let dry. If product discolors carpet, contact supplier before using.

Quarts (12x1), Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal) 

GONE Carpet Stain Remover - Aerosol

GONE is a powerful water based spot and stain remover containing degreasers and surfactants that rapidly clean without damaging fabrics or leaving a residue. Contains an odor modifier which destroys noxious odors and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Upside-down valve is quick and easy to use. Just point and shoot. This product will not harm most fibers, but test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness prior to use, especially on white or light colored carpeting.

12 - 16 oz cans/case, 15 oz net weight

Maxi Glo Light-Duty Neutral Cleaner

MAXI GLO is an all-purpose, light-duty, nonbutyl, neutral cleaner. Dilutes up to 128:1 with water. Cleans all surfaces including tile, terrazzo, porcelain, marble, concrete, wood, enamel and metal. Also for cleaning glass windows. Contains surfactants, emulsifi ers and wetting agents to clean oil, grease, grime, dirt, inks and most other soils. Will not harm any surface not harmed by water. Excellent for mopping floors coated with wax or floor finish; will not remove or harm floor coatings. Effective in hard water. Areas of use include industrial plants, offices, stores, hotels/motels, schools, restaurants and apartments. Pleasant cherry fragrance

Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal)

Extracto Concentrated Steam Extraction Fluid

EXTRACTO has been formulated to be used with all types of extraction carpet cleaning equipment. It revives the color and enlivens the fi bers of carpet piles so they actually rise with life. This product contains special cleaning solvents which thoroughly clean all types of carpets. Leaves no sticky residue to quickly resoil carpet. Low foaming formula eliminates the need for defoamer. Safe to use on any material water will not harm. Equally effective in hard or soft water. This product is also recommended for use as an upholstery maintenance shampoo. For use on carpets, rugs, fabrics, automobiles and upholstery. Areas of use include cleaning services, hotels/motels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, homes, apartments, shopping malls and department stores. HMIS Ratings: H-1, F-0, R-1, P-A. Available in 4 x 1 gals., 5 or 6 gal. pails, 20, 35 and 55 gallon drums. 7110 Extracto

Velva-Sheen Dust Mop Treatment

Velva-Sheen acts like a magnet to attract lint and dust to dust mops. Quickly saturates treated surfaces but evaporates slowly. Prevents scattering. Use as a dust cloth treatment for small jobs. Leaves surfaces completely free of dust, lint and hair. Restores wood surfaces and leaves all surfaces shining. Formulated to be used in homes, hotels/motels, industrial plants, hospitals, offices, warehouses and institutions. Quickly removes dust from floors, wood paneling and office furniture. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems, spray the filter to reduce the amount of dust which again becomes airborne. Treats dust mops, cloths and soft bristle push brooms. 12-20oz cans per case.

LIGHTNING Non-Ammoniated Wax Stripper

LIGHTNING is a highly concentrated, heavy duty, non-ammoniated wax stripper. Use on terrazzo, concrete and tile floors. Not recommended for use on wood or cork. Removes all types of wax and polymer finishes. Contains strong wetting agents and penetrants which work to strip floors quickly and safely. Low sudsing and odorless. Dilute with up to 20 parts water to strip most floors. This product is excellent for use in automatic floor scrubbing machines to clean warehouse floors because of its low foaming properties. Dilute with up to 50 parts water for this application.  Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal

PRO-KOTE High Gloss Floor Polish

PRO-KOTE has 25% solids for high gloss and extra-long wear, even in high traffic areas. Designed for use in all types of floor maintenance programs. Will not yellow. Resists black marks. Dries fast. Long wearing. For use on vinyl, terrazzo, tile, concrete, slate, and other types of hard flooring. Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal)