DYNAMITE Butyl Cleaner 40:1

DYNAMITE is a heavy duty, butyl cleaner. This butyl cleaner may be diluted with up to 40 parts water for general purpose cleaning. Removes dirt, grease, oil and most other soils quickly and easily. Can be used in steam cleaners, pressure washers or rotary machines using either warm or cold water.

Works well for cleaning carpets, walls, floors and industrial machinery. Contains butyls, detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, sequestering agents, penetrants and corrosion inhibitors. Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal)

GETAWAY Non Butyl Degreaser and Oil Dispersant 10:1

GETAWAY is a concentrated, nonbutyl degreaser. Use full strength for extra tough cleaning jobs or dilute with up to 128 parts water for general purpose cleaning. This product can be used to clean up oil spills on waterways, lakes, oceans and around drilling rigs because it spontaneously emulsifies oils. Can be used in steam cleaning and power washing applications.

Breaks up oils and holds them in suspension for easy rinsing or removal. An excellent bilge cleaner.  Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal)

ZIP Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser 20:1

ZIP citrus cleaner and degreaser can be diluted with up to 20 parts of water for most applications. Can be used through steam cleaners or pressure washers. This water based product contains d-limonene to quickly clean walls, floors, machinery, vinyl, metal, porcelain, concrete and carpets.     

Will remove grease, oil, lipstick, wax, carbon, soot, ink, soap scum, food stains and most other soils. Product does not contain any butyls. It is organic and biodegradable. Gallons (4x1), Drums (55, 35, 20 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal) 

Terand Degreaser and Deodorant - Natural Citrus

A 100% active, high power, flush action aerosol biodegradable solvent that quickly cuts through grease, oil, tar, and many other soils. Treated surfaces can be wiped clean or flushed off with water.

Citrus content eliminates harsh solvent vapors. Controls odors as it dissolves grease and grime. 12 cans/Case

Terand Cleaner Degreaser - Foaming

Versatile all-purpose cleaner and degreaser cuts through greasy soils quickly and effectively.

Ideal solution for all cleaning and degreasing applications, including industrial machinery, auto engines, tires, rims, and wheels, concrete - almost any surface not affected by water. 12 cans/Case

WHAM Foaming Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

WHAM is an all purpose foaming citrus scented cleaner and degreaser. This combination of emulsifiers, surfactants and d-limonene work to clean stubborn grease and soil.

The clinging foam can be used on vertical and irregular surfaces, as well as on horizontal surfaces. Leaves surface smelling fresh and clean. This product can be used on metal, porcelain, tile, wood and many other places.  12 - 20 oz cans/case, 18 oz net weight