AER-O-MATIC AIR CONDITIONER TREATMENT STRIPS start working immediately. The strips prevent and remove accumulation of scum, sludge, silt and rust which block drain openings and lines. It also keeps the condensate pan clean. In addition, stale odors are eliminated.

The need for equipment damaging acid clean-outs each year is also avoided.  AC-299 50/box-2 boxes per case

UT-3 PAN-GEL GELTABS for Long Lasting Drain Protection

UT-3 Used in drain pans up to 5 tons. All Pan-Gel geltabs LOCK in place and turn into a metered time release gel. This time release gel will give up to 6 months of protection with visual indication of life left in the geltab.


PRO-TREAT® 151 PAN TREATMENT tablets penetrate and stop the (black) algae, fungi and bio-fouling that can plug drain pans, drain lines and foul humidifier pads. They eliminate the odors caused by these organisms.

These tablets are 100% soluble, easy to use and do not form any deposits in the pan or drain line. Eliminates odors and maintenance problems from overflow and water damage caused by fouled pans, plugged traps or drains lines. 


COBRA is formulated to penetrate in air conditioner coils and fins to remove all types of soils. Upon contact with the surface of the coil, Cobra begins to react and flush soil to the surface. It is not necessary to rinse if applied in place to a functional unit that produces moisture.

Moisture produced will rinse product from contacted surfaces. Rinsing is required on units that have been removed for repair or do not produce moisture during operation. 12-20 oz cans/case