DETECT - Battery & Terminal Cleaner

DETECT cleans corrosion and neutralizes acids on battery terminals and cables. This product contains an acid indicator that changes color in the presence of acid to help detect leaks. It leaves a protective coating to eliminate additional corrosion buildup.

COMMAND - Auto Polish

COMMAND is a unique aerosol polish for truck, automobile and marine finishes. This polish produces a deep, high gloss finish and will not harm even the finest automobile finishes. Protects with carnauba wax and PTFE. Makes waxing fast and easy. Simply spray on, allow product to haze, and buff to a glossy, durable finish. 12-20oz/case

FLEETMASTER - Heavy Duty Car & Truck Wash

FLEETMASTER is a heavy duty automobile and truck wash. When used through a pressure washer with 600 psi, this product removes road film, grease, grime and soils. This product is a unique combination of emulsifiers, wetting agents and soil suspension agents. Very effective even in hard water. Dilute with hot water at the rate of 1 oz per gallon and with cold water at the rate of 4 ounces per gallon. Can be used at higher concentrations if conditions warrant. Biodegradable.

OFF - Carburetor & Choke Cleaner

OFF is the modern quick way to clean and lubricate automatic chokes, PCV Valves and systems, heat risers and carburetors. It rapidly cleans carburetors without removing them. Frees frozen or inoperative choke and carburetor linkages caused by dirty parts. Cleans out PCV valves and hoses to insure proper operation of the PCV system. This product has been thoroughly tested to insure no adverse effects to oxygen sensors.


• Cleans, preserves, waterproofs and adds new flexibility to old belts.

• Accesses hard-to-reach areas with strong pencil spray valve.



• Restores, enhances, protects and preserves vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber.

• Contains special UV blockers that protect surfaces from sun damage.

• Withstands multiple washings.


• Softens adhesives for easy removal of gaskets, decals, cork, rubber, felt, paper.

• No need to scrape, grind, sandblast or file.

• Water-flushable.