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Fiesta Metered Air Fresheners

The Fiesta metered air fresheners chemically neutralize unpleasant odors. Products can be used in conjunction with many automatic actuating aerosol dispensers that deliver fresh fragrance every 15 minutes. One can keeps an area deodorized for up to 30 days. All active ingredients are released, making this the most effective technology for odor counteracting on the market today.

The fine, dry mist is nonstaining. Fragrance stays suspended in air long after the odor has been destroyed, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Areas of use include homes, airports, offi ce buildings, hospitals/nursing homes, veterinary clinics, sports clubs, shopping malls, eating establishments, beauty shops, boutiques, day spas, tanning salons and doctors’ offices.

 12–12 oz. cans/case. 6.5 oz. net wt.  Available in 3790 Fiesta Fall Harvest – Red Apple,3850 Fiesta Day Spa – Bird of Paradise, 3860 Fiesta Rain Barrel – Summer Rain, 3870 Fiesta Pure N Clean - True Odor Neutralizer, 3880 Fiesta Autumn Breeze – Cinnamon, 3890 Fiesta Limon – Lemon-Lime, 3900 Fiesta Orange Smoothie – Orange Cream, 3910 Fiesta Tango Madness – Mango, 3920 Fiesta Gentle Whisper – Potpourri, 3930 Fiesta Summer Sorbet – Pear, 3940 Fiesta Herb Garden – Green Tea & Mint, 3950 Fiesta Spell Bound – Strawberry, 3960 Fiesta Clean Cotton – Linen, 3970 Fiesta Moon Beam – Vanilla, 3980 Fiesta Ocean Breeze – Fresh Scent, 3990 Fiesta Sweet Scentsation – Mulberry

BIG D Metered Concentrated Deodorants

Contains Big D odor counteractants that neutralizes odors rather than mask them. Big D's metered products are environmentally compatible with all state govermental regulations, including California. The uniform actuator valve enables this canister to be used in most metered aerosol dispensers.

Available in the following fragrances: No. 451 - Lemon, No. 452 - Melon Mist, No. 455 - Cerise, No. 460 - Inno-Scent, No. 462 - Potpourri, No. 463 - Mountain Air, No. 464 - Sunburst, No. 467 - Apple, No. 468 - Vanilla, No. 469 - Cinnamon, No. 471 - Wildflower, No. 472 – Fresh Linen, No. 473 - Mango Bay, No. 475 - Plumeria, No. 476 - Country Berry, No. 478 - Clean Breeze, No. 482 - Sweet Ginger, No. 483 - Lavender Lace,  and No. 484 - Spiced Tea.

TimeMist Metered Air Fresheners

TimeMist®premium metered air fresheners contain odor counteractants to eliminate offensive odors. 

  • For use in all full-size TimeMist®Metered Dispensers.
  • Fragrance and odor counteractants in one can.
  • Fragrances contain essential oils to ensure they are the longest-lasting and highest-quality fragrances on the market.
  • Refills last a full 30 days.
12/case.  Available Scents - Clean N’ Fresh, Citrus, Cucumber Melon, Baby Powder, Pina Colada, Green Apple, Cherry, Bayberry, Country Garden, Creamsicle, Spring Flowers. Mango, Passion Violet, Voodoo Berry, Dutch Apple Spice, French Kiss, Vanilla Cream, Cinnamon, Cactus Blossom, Caribbean Waters, Juniper Breeze, Lavender Lemonade,  and Raspberry Acai Splash

TimeMist® Yankee Candle® Collection Aerosol Fragrance Refills
Now you can enjoy your favorite Yankee Candle fragrances away from home. Premium refills last a full 30 days. For use with TimeMist® Metered Aerosol Dispensers.
12 per Case. TMS 81-2300 TMCA Available in: Home Sweet Home, Clean Cotton, Jasmine, McIntosh, ButterCream, Sage & Citrus, Sun & Sand

Amrep Misty Premium Metered Air Freshener

This product combines quality fragrances and essential oils with state of the art odor counteractants. Treats up to 6,000 cubic feet in high occupancy areas.

  • Metered and/or Hand Held Room Deodorizer
  • Ultra Dry Formula for Extended Suspension Time
  • Dual Odor Counteractant System
  • Universal "Tip" Actuator
  • Low VOC Content-50 State Compliant

12/Case - Available in: Linen Fresh, Powder Fresh, Lemon Peel, Country Craft Shop, Holiday Potpourri, Summer Breeze, Mango, Island Air, Lavender Zest, Tropical Lime, & Spring Rain


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