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SCALE-A-WAY Lime and Scale Remover

SCALE-A-WAY is a blend of detergents, acids and solvents. Effectively removes scale, corrosion and lime deposits. Useful for a multitude of applications such as drain lines, coils, cooling towers, steam cleaners and generators. Dilute 1 to 6 with water. Circulate through system until scale is dissolved. Excellent for all water handling machinery.

QUIK-SOLV Solvent Cleaner

Quik Solv replaces chlorinated solvent degreasers, providing industry with an excellent solvent on oils, greases, waxes, resins, epoxies, polymers, and more. Quik Solv is non-flammable, fast-drying, non-conductive, and leaves no residue. Cleans most metals including aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, tin plate, and more without dulling, corroding, oxidizing or staining. Safe on most plastics used in contact and circuit board construction.

For use on electric motors, power tools, printing presses, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, generators and starters, office machines, ultrasonic cleaners, film cleaning equipment and other machinery. Areas of use include auto repair shops, factories, printers, machine shops, aircraft services, HVAC services, and electrical maintenance services.

RUTHLESS - Paint Remover

RUTHLESS is a USDA authorized product that penetrates deep to remove paint, decals and labels from all surfaces. Washes off with water or solvent. Gel base clings to all vertical and irregular surfaces. Safe to use on metal, brick, ceramic, wood and tile surfaces.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.

RUST RELEASE - Foaming & Penetrating Cutting Oil

RUST RELEASE is a fast penetrating lubricant that displaces moisture, frees sticking parts, stops squeaks and provides long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Use on farm equipment, sports equipment, industrial equipment, marine and auto equipment. Can be used as a cutting oil to cool and lubricate parts during metal working operations.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.

DEFENSE EF - Metal Parts Protector

DEFENSE EF is a product that coats metal parts to provide indefinite indoor protection and long lasting outdoor protection against rust and corrosion. Dries to a transparent amber color that can easily be seen through. Sets up to a hard flexible coating in 2 hours that can be welded or painted. Remove using kerosene or mineral spirits.

Use on castings, cables, winches, pulleys, tools, dies, pipe threads, hoists, jigs and riggings. Contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.

MOLI-GUARD - Dry Lubricant Spray

MOLI-GUARD is a dry film lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. It dries quickly with a minimal amount of material transference. This product will not carbonize under extreme temperatures and is actually effective in temperatures ranging from -20°F to +1000°F. Ideal for those lubricating jobs when a liquid lubricant cannot be used.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.


HD-50 is a synthetic cutting fluid which is totally oil free. This product combines the lubricity and film strength of oils with the cooling ability and cleanliness of water. Can be used during all types of metal working applications. Will not rust parts or equipment. Can be diluted with up to 30 parts water to form a clear solution.

Multiple lubricants work together to meet the most demanding metal working needs. No messy oils to clean up. Actually works as a cleaner itself and may be used to clean the equipment less expensively than many degreasers. Biodegradable.

UNPLUG - Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner

UNPLUG is a highly effective blend of solvents that are fast drying, nonconductive and safe to use on plastics, rubber and metal. This product works quickly to remove oil, grease, dirt and grime from circuit boards, computers, magnetic tapes, printed circuits, gauges, switches and relays. Does not contain CFCs or HCFCs and is ozone safe. This product is extremely flammable and must only be used on equipment that has been de-energized. It also must be allowed to dry and fumes evacuated from equipment before re-energizing.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.

BIG RED - Premium Non-Melt Red Grease

BIG RED is a multi-purpose, red, non-melt grease for automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications. Extreme pressure additives give excellent resistance to shock and impact. Forms a protective film to guard against rust and corrosion. Provides added lubrication in applications where metal meets metal.

Resists chemical breakdown from acids, salt water, dust and dirt. Will not liquefy at high temperatures like soap based greases and remains pumpable at low temperatures. NLGI Grade: 3. Temperature Range 0°F to 600°F. Timken OK Load: 55 pounds.


TRAILERBRITE - Aluminum Brightener

TRAILERBRITE is a hydrofluoric acid based aluminum cleaner and brightener. Highly concentrated. Powerful. Contains a blend of acids, detergents and corrosion inhibitors that prevent acids from attacking metal surfaces. Removes oxidation, corrosion and scale. Leaves surface bright and shiny. Dilutes with up to 20 parts water.  Specifically designed for use on aluminum and stainless steel. Do not use on glass or aluminum alloys.


Super durable coating used to fill in and patch around flashings, gutters, vent pipes, and roofing material seams. Stays flexible with variable weather conditions. Portable, convenient aerosol is easy to apply evenly, and eliminates messy cleanup and waste.


12 aerosol cans come in each case.


With hundred's of gaskets and seals in each can, Terand's RTV Silicone is an instant gasket maker with excellent adhesive characteristics and high chemical resistance that will not sag or shrink. Terand RTV Silicone Gasket Makers offer unmatched performance even under the most severe operating conditions. Virtually unaffected by chemical deterioration, extreme weather, temperature or aging. Meets GM and many OEM specifications.
  • Forms in-place gaskets and seals

  • Makes any size or shape

  • gasket instantly

  • Quick-drying

  • Permanently flexible at temperatures ranging from-60°F to +600°

  • Meets GM and OEM specifications

  • Available in Blue, Clear, Black, Red (High Temp) and white (with Mildewicide)

Terand Popcorn Ceiling Patch

Specially designed to repair dings, scrapes, runs, holes, and gouges in popcorn and sprayed-on plaster ceilings. Dries quickly to a clean, white rough surface that can be painted after drying. The coating adheres to many surfaces. Ideal for blending into popcorn ceilings all types of tubes or pipes that connect ceiling fans and other electrical devices or plumbing. When used as directed, provides an invisible ceiling repair. Includes extension tubes for fill-in work.



GRAFFITI GONE - Vandalism Mark Remover

GRAFFITI GONE is a heavy duty solvent based vandalism remover. Removes most graffiti markings such as ink, crayon and scuff marks found in public places without damaging surfaces. The unique gel characteristic allows the product longer contact time on surfaces.


For use on aluminum, steel, glass, concrete, porcelain, brass, chrome, marble and brick. Leaves pleasant fragrance.

Terand Hot Spot - Heat Resistant High Temp Paint

This paint withstands continuous temperatures up to 1200°F (648°C). It is excellent for use on engine headers, manifolds, furnaces, boilers, metal fireplaces, grills and more. It forms a super durable porcelain-like bond on surfaces at high temperatures and offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt spray, oil, grease and humidity. * Overspray is Reduced * Porcelain-like Bond at High Temperatures  * Resists Blistering, Peeling, Discoloration, or Loss of Adhesion  * Fast Dry * Does Not Contain Lead or CFC's

Terand White Lithium Grease

All weather, heavy duty, multi-purpose, penetrating grease. Sprays as a liquid, creeps to lubrication point like an oil, then cures to a thick, water-resistant grease. Provides non-staining lubrication that guards surfaces against rust and corrosion. Heat stable to 350°F. Includes extension tubes for easier application to remote areas.

Terand High Temp Red Spray Grease

Special penetrating, lithium-based formula sprays as a liquid, penetrates into working parts, then sets up to a resistant grease. Includes and extension tube for precision work.  Long-lasting, water and detergent resistant. Withstands temperatures up to 550 degrees F.


RYDLYME is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-injurious, non-toxic, yet fully biodegradable descaler, heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents which actually dissolves water scale, lime, mud, rust and other water formed deposits from water operated equipment.

QUIK-ZINC - Galvenized Coating

QUIK-ZINC is a high quality, high solids, heavy duty zinc coating designed to provide corrosion protection on iron and steel surfaces. Prevents rust by galvanic action. Dries to a flexible 93% zinc dust coating that bends without chipping. Can be used as a protective final coating or primer wherever iron or steel are exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions.


SURRENDER EF is a general purpose lubricant, sealant and protective coating containing molybdenum disulfide, graphite and aluminum. This thick, non-melt, waterproof grease helps eliminate seizing of threaded parts. Resistant to chemicals, solvents and gases (except oxygen).

It is effective in temperatures ranging from -20°F to +2000°F. Helps cool bearings. Contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents.

KWIK KOOL - Cutting Tool Lubricant

KWIK KOOL is specially formulated to cool and lubricate during metal working operations. Reduces friction in threading, drilling, tapping and reaming applications. This nonflammable product contains no carbon tetrachloride or sulfur


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